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Word Claim 50

A Multi-Fandom Challenge

Word Claim 50 - So no one steals your OTP
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Welcome to wordclaim50, where your fandoms are always safe. Always wanted to do one of those fic writing challenge communites, but found your favorite fandom or pairing already taken? I've had it happen and its frustrating. Here at wordclaim50 your fandoms are always available. Here you pick a word, nearly any word and claim it. Then you write fifty pieces using those prompts and your word. You can either have your word be a theme, but it counts even if you just use your word in your piece. Easy, peasy.

Here's a nice step-by-step guide to joining wordclaim50.

Step One: Peruse this guide to make sure you understand what's expected of you here. Check out the FAQ as well. If you still want to play, friend the journal (you can friend even if you don't want to play).

Step Two: Think of a word you'd like to claim. Check the Claims List. If it's not taken, comment to that post and the mods will give you posting access ASAP.

Step Three: Take the table for your own use in your journal.

Step Four: Pick a prompt and write.

Step Five: Post your story here (or a link to your journal) with this header (Warning, Notes and Summary are entirely up to you, you don't need to include them unless applicable). Also available in code though a link below:

Fandom and Pairing:
Claim and Prompt:

The subject of your post should read as follows: Title by Author, Rating. This make it easy for people to find your story later.

Also, tag your entry with "story" and the aproppriate prompt (if two prompts apply, pick the one that it will correspond with on your table).

Step Six: Repeat steps four and five until your table is full. Yay! You win! Brag your ass off in the Hall of Fame and pick up a banner or two.

Remember: No flaming, trolling or bashing. Het and Gen and Slash are all on equal ground here. None of those count as warnings.

The sample Table (code available through link below):

001.AU 002.AU 003.Angst 004.Angst 005.Fluff
006.Fluff 007.Cliché 008.Cliché 009.CharacterStdy 010.CharacterStdy
011.Humor 012.Humor 013.Crack!fic 014.Crack!fic 015.Epiphany
016.Epiphany 017.Horror 018.Horror 019.Mystery 020.Mystery
021.Romance 022.Romance 023.Crossover 024.Crossover 025.Post-Ep
026.Post-Ep 027.Dark!fic 028.Dark!fic 029.Missing Scene 030.Missing Scene
031.First Time 032.First Time 033.Song!fic 034.Song!fic 035.PWP
036.PWP 037.Gen 038.Gen 039.Negative 040.Negative
041.Sight 042.Sound 043.Touch 044.Taste 045.Smell
046.Writer‘s Choice. 047.Writer‘s Choice. 048.Writer‘s Choice. 049.Writer‘s Choice. 050.Writer‘s Choice.

Table Code and Header Code
Claims List
Prompt Meanings

Any questions left? Talk to your friendly, neighborhood mods, quettaser and flipflopadd1ct.

Pimp Us!

Take this code and pimp us out, either in your personal journal, or someplace you know we could be pimped. We want as many people playing as possible. Use either one, though the second is if you've claimed a word. You have claimed a word, haven't you?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com